Mississippi FTC

FIRST Tech Challenge

Start a Team

Once you have decided to start an FTC team the following steps should allow you to get through all of the important points.  If you are a rookie team (first time in FTC) please download and read this Rookie Team Grants document.

  • Make sure you have a group of students ready to go. If the students are new to FIRST or competitive technology based programs and under the age of 13 you may want to consider FLL. Click here to learn more about FIRST Lego League.

  • An adult that will act as a main contact and is able to communicate through email is important. Almost all information about the program comes through email. Regular reading of these updates will make a team more successful.

  • School affiliation is not required but a central organization where students meet and work on their machine is important. Most work can be done on a  table top, storage in a cupboard. To simulate the playing field a 12 foot by 12 foot area should be available at times, especially close to the date of an event.
  • Register your team at usfirst.org, www.usfirst.org/ftc ,  You will be registering through a system called Team Information Management System, TIMS. Click Here for detailed instructions on how to use TIMS.

  • Once registered you will be asked to pay your registration fee.

  • Once paid you will be given your official team number that will stay with the team each year.

  • Contact us to let us know that you are registered.  You may be eligible to receive a Rookie Team Grant that will help get your team started by purchasing your robot kit and provide training to the coach.

    Important points to consider:



    An FTC coach helping his team work on their robot.

    Note: This budget is only an approximate estimate
    based on costs reported from 2012-13 FTC teams

    Item Cost
    Team registration Through FIRST $275
    Robotics Kit (may receive grant)                         $1000
    State Tournement Fee  $100
    T Shirts, Travel, Misc.  $150
    Practice Field and misc parts $475
    Total $1950


    Engineering Notebook

    • Some rookie teams choose not to maintain an engineering notebook. Many of the awards are based on the information contained in the book. Make a strong effort to have the team use the book daily and contain meaningful information about the design/engineering process that the students used. More information about this will be in your teams manual.

    Keep in touch

    There are several ways to communicate and learn things about FTC.

    • Keep up with any updates emailed to the main contact, share this information with the team.
    • FIRST has an official forum for FTC. Click here to see the official FIRST FTC Forum >>